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Introduction to Uralic (Finno-Ugric) Studies

This slide set represents a general introduction to the discipline of Uralic studies for students, scholars, and enthusiast with no prior knowledge of Uralic languages and linguistics. It was assembled by Bogáta Timár (ELTE) in collaboration with scholars from across our consortium. While the strategic partnership COPIUS – the impetus for the creation of this resource – has formally expired, we hope to maintain these resources in years to come, updating and even adding lessons where it seems relevant and necessary.

What do Uralic studies do? What do we not do?

with Johanna Laakso (Vienna)
PDF | Powerpoint

Languages and language families; The Uralic family

with Jeremy Bradley (Vienna), Rogier Blokland (Uppsala)
PDF | Powerpoint

History of literacy

with Johanna Laakso (Vienna)

PDF | Powerpoint


with Jeremy Bradley (Vienna)

PDF | Powerpoint


with Rogier Blokland (Uppsala)

PDF | Powerpoint


with Sirkka Saarinen (Turku)

PDF | Powerpoint


with Jeremy Bradley (Vienna)

PDF | Powerpoint


with Gerson Klumpp (Tartu)

PDF | Powerpoint


with Katalin Sipőcz (Szeged), Elena Skribnik (Munich)

PDF | Powerpoint


with Béata Wagner-Nagy, Josefina Budzisch (Hamburg)

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